Responsibility includes who and what you support.

The following truism is reality for organisations and individuals, businesses and boards, production operations and advisers alike. I have made it a core principle for myself and my profession.

Responsibility doesn’t stop at what you do, how you do it, and why — just as relevant is what, in the end, with your work, you actually contribute to, who and what you support and how this impacts stakeholders and society.

Announcing my blog

Over time, I have received quite a few responses to articles and posts I had published. People keep telling me I should start a blog.

Now this is the place where my utterances can be consumed. My principle is to speak and write only when there is something of importance to say. This means there will not be a fixed rhythm.

Like before, I will cover my professional fields of consulting, management, communications, lobbying, media and stakeholder relations. Further, the subjects of my private studies, Applied Complexity Science and Philosophy. Then also, various areas of interest, including current politics, contemporary history, arts and culture, Vienna and Austria, being Jewish.

I hope the articles will be interesting and am looking forward to feedback.